Book Review: African Literature scholar Dr. Jayant Cherekar's critical book - "Women Blooming Out of the Gloom"

August 7, 2016


Dr. Jayant Cherekar's critical insight into the socio-pschychic exploration of Mariama Ba:


I am an academic and a judge of humanitarian values in social, literary and private life. I am thoroughly secular and an academic who loves books more than food. I served as a Professor on deputation, in Eritrea, East Africa, and had hands on experience of socio-literary tutoring and interaction with the African students. Incidentally, in a library, I came across this book by Dr. Jayant Cherekar full night reading of which fascinated me beyond my inland encounters with the natives. Here is it's a review - humble as though but immensely beneficial to the readers and scholars of African literature. I personally apologize for the typographic, thematic or scholarly opinions if that offend the general public in this review. It's a disclaimer by the reviewer of this book.


Personally, I found this book immensely beneficial to the students and scholars of African literature, and especially of Mariama Ba, because I spent in African inland quite some time. I personally studied and tutored there for two years in one it's prestigious universities. Fact that struck to my mind while I was there is that the African natives had a sort of disregard of women. It seemed prominent in  Islamic community of some parts of Africa with regard to the general outlook of their male counterparts. The book by Dr. Cherekar made me observe and have discussions with my African colleagues and friends during my tutoring assignment in Africa. Many a time on such occasions, I came across some of the arguements that Dr. Jayant scholarly presented in this book - especially of the treatment of the Muslim women of the African continent presented by Mariama Ba in her path breaking novels. Being a humanitarian by nature and professionally an academic, I wanted to get a feel of what the women of this world had to endure. The book provided me that insight which I myself observed and felt on the African soil on many a occasion.


The part of the book - critical analysis of Mariama Ba's  "So Long a Letter"- in this book is a sequence of reminiscences as narrated by Ba in her path breaking novel. These are recounted by a recently widowed Senegalese school teacher Ramatoulaye in Ba's novel and analysed in this book by Dr. Cherekar. The novel is in epistolary which the author of this book seems able to make inroads rigtht from the word go. It is really fascinating to read from this book that Ramatoulaye wrote of her emotional struggles to regain her li